Identifying types of BMX bikes

If you’ve been wondering about what exactly a BMX bike is, or you’re thinking of getting a BMX bike then you’ve come to right place. Here we are looking at the different types of BMX bikes and when they’re used and under what conditions:

Firstly, There is the vert, sometimes referred to as park bike. These tend to be light machines that are often ridden in BMX parks.The conditions riding in parks are usually stable enough that it is possible to remove excess weight from the bike that might be more necessary in other locations. An important thing to notice about vert bikes is that about half of them have brakes.

There is also the dirt style of bike. As the name suggests these tend to be ridden in dirt and as a results they usually have thicker tyres with deep tread that give the bike extra grip on loose and insecure terrain.

The flatland bike is something quite unique within BMX bikes. Unlike the other categories of BMX riding flatland riders ride on completely flat surfaces. This style of riding might be compared to breakdancing as much as it is to other forms of BMX riding. Because of the intricate nature of balancing required, this bikes tend to focus on balancing weight.

The race bike have an emphasis on speed, as one might guess from the fact that they are used for racing, and as a result have higher gear ratios, a result that is achieved through the addition of a larger front sprocket. This means that the energy used by the rider is more efficiently converted into movement. Most of the organised events of BMX use race bikes and tend to make for the best viewing. Owing to the higher speeds at which the race bikes are ridden, brakes are mandatory.

The last category is the street bike. Street bikes often have the heaviest, most durable structure of any BMX bikes because of the somewhat strenuous conditions of riding at length on street conditions, which often create wear and tear on a bike One of the most definable features of the BMX bike is the metal pegs that are attached to the front and back wheels of these types of bikes. These pegs must be firmly mounted as their purpose is to support the weight of the bike and rider when the rider is grinding. Because tricks are often performed with these bikes, including spinning the handlebars, it’s very rare to see brakes of street bike.

With this in mind, next time you see a BMX bike you’ll be able to identify what sort it actually is.