Cycling Destinations: Baja California

The world has so many different wonders to offer that it’s often a challenge to decide where next to go. If you’re an avid cyclist, that list of potential travel destinations doesn’t in any way diminish if you travel on for cycling as its a sport that can be done just about anywhere where there is enough land to put two wheels (which really [...]

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The Tibetan Plateau: experiences cyclists only!

In the West, there’s something of a mystic to Tibet. In popular culture books and films like Seven Years in Tibet paint a picture of a place that—to Europeans—is remote [...]

Cycling the Rhine: a dream ride!

Last summer was my first cycling trip to Germany. I had been to Germany before but only to a couple of cities: I was in Frankfurt for work a couple of times, when I was about [...]

Cycling the Alps: a gruelling and rewarding adventure

It goes without saying that mountain biking is a physically demanding sport. Although hiking has many techniques and there are right and wrong ways to hike and to carry heavy [...]

Identifying types of BMX bikes

If you’ve been wondering about what exactly a BMX bike is, or you’re thinking of getting a BMX bike then you’ve come to right place. Here we are looking at the different [...]

On the open road…three of the top places for a European (motor)bike tour.

With summer upon us and people being outdoors as much as possible now is the season of the road-trip. The only difficult decision is perhaps the most important one: where do I [...]

A brief history of the motorcycle

Whether you're a motorcycle buff or not, you've seen many generations of motorcycles - from the  popular bright green Kawasaki Ninja, which first came out in 1984, over the [...]

The 19th century bicycle

Nowadays everyone knows about the Tour de France and the Tour de Italy. These gruelling races are two of the most prestigious events in the cycling calendar and even people [...]

Biking and bicycles

Although the term bicycle was coined in France in the 1860s, bicycles had been around for about forty years or so prior to that. The first bicycles, although recognisable in [...]

How to become a gamer?

Gaming seems to be pretty popular thing right now, and there are more and more young people playing video games. It seems as if video games have never been so popular, and the [...]